Services to keep your pet healthy

General Surgery

If an invasive procedure is required, it will be handled and monitored by a skilled team using the best equipment and instrumentation. We use a gas anesthetic, sevoflurane, which is used on humans and is the safest method available.


When it comes to caring for your pet’s skin, we offer medical tests and treatments for allergies, hormonal and thyroid disorders, as well as other complications. We can also provide intradermal skin testing for those with uncontrollable allergies.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is also another option that delivers a similar result to the traditional method. This process causes no bleeding, little if any, pain and rarely requires post-operative care. Mandarin Veterinary Clinic was the first to offer laser surgery in the Northeast Florida area. We have been practicing laser surgery since 1996.

Emergency Care

We are always there when a critical situation arises. Should you have an emergency Dr. Jones is available for you 24 hours a day. Just dial (904) 268-8880 and your call will be answered personally.


We pledge to do our best to protect your pet against contagious diseases. We tailor individual vaccination programs to your particular pet’s needs, including puppy and kitten as well as three-year vaccination programs for those eligible.

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging allows Dr. Jones and our staff to view x-rays more quickly, with less waiting time. Not only are better images captured, due to the immediate picture we receive, but digital imagery produces a much clearer, more detailed x-ray. This gives Dr. Jones much more information to work with and allows us to provide excellent veterinary health care to all of our patients because every pet deserves nothing less.

Diagnostic Testing

Mandarin Veterinary Clinic has the expertise and technological capability to properly assess your pet’s condition and, in doing so, provide the appropriate treatment. Our state of the art in-house labs enables us to perform routine diagnostics and advanced blood work instantly. We have the most advanced radiology and cardiology equipment available and we offer several pre-operative tests to determine the proper treatment for your pet.


We can provide you with all your pet’s Pharmaceutical needs and there is very little waiting time for any prescriptions refills. We also offer home delivery through our online pharmacy.

Preventive Health Care

The best way to treat medical problems is to prevent them. Be sure to schedule bi-annual check-ups for your pet along with regular vaccinations and screenings for intestinal worms and heartworms. Inquire about our Health Maintenance Plans that make these services more affordable. We also emphasize affordable wellness blood panels to ensure your pet’s health.

House Calls

We gladly offer this service for our clients. Call us for information. (904) 268-8880.

Allergy Testing

We recommend intradermal skin allergy testing, considered the “gold standard” for detecting allergies. However, there are other tests that can be performed in our hospital.


Mandarin Veterinary Clinic offers professional grooming as an essential component to enhancing the overall quality of your pet’s life. Grooming can help improve skin condition and eliminate fleas. We offer de-matting, full scissor cuts, baths, brush-outs, and specialized grooming, along with a full line of care products. Appointments are preferred, but drop-offs and walk-ins are accommodated whenever possible.

Nutrition Counseling

We can prescribe special diets to help treat skin, heart, kidney, liver and other intestinal diseases. If your pet’s weight is a concern, we can create a low-calorie diet with a complete line of Hill’s Prescription and Science Diet foods.

Retail Center

We recommend Hill’s Science Diets and Prescription Diets. These diets can be delivered directly to your door through Vets First Choice. We also carry a wide assortment of collars, leashes and all types of home care products to help keep your pet’s teeth clean.

Shockwave Therapy

This is a new modality that relieves the pain and suffering of arthritis. It is performed under sedation and your pet is able to go home the same day. This therapy can be used to help those pets who need therapy when drugs alone are not enough.

Dental Cleanings/Extractions

Proper dental care will help prevent your pet from losing teeth, developing bad breath, or heart and kidney trouble. We have been providing exceptional dental care since l985, including high-speed cleanings, orthodontic procedures, root canals, air polishing, fluoride treatments, crowns, and fillings. We can also recommend special diets to help control gum disease and other dental problems.

Dental Radiographs

We are also capable of taking digitally produced oral radiographs, which we happily show the owner. Radiographs of your pet’s mouth help us see early imperfections which could lead to more serious dental disease much like your dentist does for you. 85% of dogs and cats suffer from some degree of dental disease and we realize the importance of good dental care in improving your pet’s quality of life and minimizing tooth pain.


We offer medically supervised boarding, with plenty of hugs and kisses from our caring and watchful staff. Leaving your pet in the care of someone else no longer needs to be a traumatic experience. At Mandarin Veterinary Clinic, your pet will remain comfortable in our air-conditioned facility where dogs and cats never co-mingle. Our canine visitors enjoy at least three exercise sessions each day in our enclosed outdoor yard. Cats spend at least two sessions daily at the Kitty TV (a huge picture window featuring our outdoor squirrels playing in the trees). Throughout their stay, a veterinarian monitors each pet to ensure proper weight balance, eating habits and bowel movements. Please join us for a tour of the facility so you can see for yourself that a stay at Mandarin Veterinary Clinic is as much of a vacation for your pet as it is for you.


Ultrasounds can be an important tool to help us diagnose your pet’s illness. Dr. Jones took special courses to improve her ultrasound skills. If she has any questions, we have a board-certified ultrasonographer on staff to help.

Cancer Treatment

We perform many types of chemotherapy to assure your pet’s high quality of life.


We provide Home Again microchip implant technology that registers your pet and reduces its chances of being lost. Pets retrieved by the Jacksonville Humane Society and County Pound are scanned for information and quickly returned to their owners. Mandarin Veterinary Clinic also participates in many programs designed to help with the cost of neutering or spaying pets adopted from animal shelters. Please ask us for more information.

Microchip Form

We provide Home Again microchip implant technology that registers your pet and reduces its chances of being lost. Pets retrieved by the Jacksonville Humane Society and County Pound are scanned for information and quickly returned to their owners.


We use a Tonopen, a small instrument that doesn’t hurt your pet’s eye, to accurately check your pet for signs of glaucoma. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in dogs.